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Default 5800 decaf hotter than 5800 Ultra?

If you have a GeForce FX 5800 of any flavor, could you be so kind as to respond:

- post your running temperature as shown in the Control Panel?
- tell whether your rear heatsink is too hot to touch in 2D mode?

While testing a PNY 5800 Ultra and an ASUS 5800 regular, I find the Ultra is noticably cooler to the touch in 2D modes, but the non-ultra is too hot to touch regardless of whether it's in 2D or 3D mode.

However, the Display Advanced control panel reports 49-53C for either card in 2D mode. (Up to 72C after gaming for a duration in 3D modes.)

After seeing DRAMs fail in one 5800 Ultra, I put active cooling on rear of the PNY Ultra (a 50 mm "case" fan). I'm wondering if a more powerful thermal solution is needed for the rear of the 5800 regular, or if this is a defective (overheating) card.
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