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Default Re: 169.07 Ubuntu 7.10 Fan at %100

Originally Posted by mooninite
Why would you want to use a TV out connection for 1080i material? That makes no sense. Your TV out is giving you 480i. I'm confused.

I've used a DVI->HDMI cable to hook up to several HDTVs under all of the 100 series (100.x.x and 169.x) without any problems.
You've got me confused...

I've not been able to find a usable modeline with my HDTV using DVI but component out works great with no custom modelines.

I'm talking TV out from my motherboard (M2NPV-VM) to my HDTV. The 169.04 drivers had some serious issues with HDTV (1080i and 720p) for many people so downgrading to the previous driver is not an option.
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