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Originally posted by Nutty
I'm sorry, but it is cheating. Perching yourself up with an awm, so that you can see every entity on the map, with no hindrence of walls is still cheating, even if they didn't have to use any additional utilities to do it.

I admit the map should have it's bugs fixed. But if ppl take to exploiting flaws in the map, it's no different to exploiting flaws in the anti-cheat stuff. It's still cheating.


Regardless of weather it's cheating or not, it's still lame to resort to doing it. It merely proves they dont have the skill to play the map properly. Same as with normal cheaters.
AFAIK, you can't see every entity on the map. what map that allows skywalking are you specifically talking about? i've never done it in Aztec, but in Dust you are very hindered by the walls. basically it comes down to if you can see them and hit them, they can see you(in Dust).
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