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Default Re: Samsung TV in 100hz

Originally Posted by crainger
Some TVs advertise this great smooth motion feature, but can only apply it to resolutions under their 'home resolution'.

One thing to try though, is unticking the option to hide unsafe resolutions, or you could try and find a monitor driver or you could create a custom resolution in the nvidia control panel.
Thanks for the reply.

the hide unsafe resolution option is grayed out.
And there is not driver out there as far as I can see, I tried both lokal samgsung site and the global support download site. Also tried driversguide, and search a lot about it on google.

How do I create a custom resolution in nvidia control panel, isnt it the same at rightclick on desktop and change it in there ?

I have wrote a support mail to the local samsung about pc and 100 hz, hope I hear from them.
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