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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Is this map,

and this autoexec

;Edited by pydon, version 1.3
;General configuration
;Provides a very high quality rendering with smooth framerate

r_displayinfo = 1
con_restricted=0 						;Activates advanced console

e_view_dist_ratio_vegetation=45			;Default was 31, greatly increases vegetation and rocks view distance without visible drop on performance
e_lods = 1

e_particles_quality=2 					;Default was 3, slightly improves performance in gunfights

cl_hitblur=0							;Default was 1, slightly improves performance while being shot
r_DepthOfField=0						;Default was 1, greatly improves performance while aiming
r_MotionBlur=0							;Default was 1, greatly improves performance while moving player view
						;Default was 1, reduces aliasing and improves vegetation density render

q_ShaderPostProcess=2 					;Necessary to activate EdgeAA

r_TexturesStreaming=0					;Default was 1, greatly improves distant textures quality

r_HDRRendering=1						;Default was 2, enables HDR lightning without high performance drop
r_HDRBrightOffset=4						;Default was 6, increases HDR luminosity
r_SSAO=0								;Default was 1, greatly improves performance in deep jungle
e_terrain_normal_map=0					;Default was 1, slightly improves performance 
r_FillLights=14							;Default was 14, slightly improves performance in jungle
e_particles_lights=1					;Default was 1, slghtly improves performance in jungle

e_shadows_max_texture_size=768			;Default was 1024, slightly improves performance without visible drop on render quality
r_ShadowJittering = 0.3

This looks better instead of being at 2, shows more shadows on weapons.							;Default was 3, slightly improves performance in deep jungle

q_Renderer=3 							;Necessary to activate colorgrading
r_colorgrading=2 						;Activates real contrast luminosity
r_sunshafts=1 							;Activates god rays
e_water_ocean_fft=1 					;Activates higher water quality
r_UsePom=1 								;Activates parallax rendering

;TWEAKABLE EFFECTS (remove the ";" in front of the desired effect to activate it)
;r_MotionBlur=1 						Activates motion blur
;r_DepthOfField=1 						Activates depth of field
;cl_hitblur=1 							Activates hit blur

Only I have the changed later the colorgrading in 2, the shadow jitering in 0.3 and the shadows maps resolution in 1512

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