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Default Re: Veteran OC'er needs some advice!

Ok, what the hell... I must have hit my max or something.. so sad. I have tried both Spoudazo settings and Mullets settings or a combination of the settings.. tried it on 402 FSB, 385 FSB and only 356FSB (which did not post either). It seems no matter what I set, if I even go 2Mhz over my current OC it goes unstable fast and I think the max FSB I can get and have the system post is 354Mhz no matter what I set things at in the BIOS. Am I missing something simple here, there is no way this can possibly be my max! I tried setting the CPU voltage as high as 1.45V while testing just to rule that out as the issue. I also loosened the timings on my memory and went to a 4:5 strap and still... nothing! Even tried it on Auto.... nothing! Any other ideas guys, so should I just throw in the towel?
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