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Default Re: Crysis patch delayed until jan!!!!

Originally Posted by agentkay
No it's a lot simpler:

Smaller development team + holidays + two patches + SDK + Linux server = Delay

Sure it sucks and Alex shouldn't have mentioned something like "it will be two weeks until the patch" but least they are not like Valve where delays equal a year or 3Drealms ten years.
Also + huge wads of cash from Intel and nVidia, companies that both advertise within the game and use Crysis to sell their hardware in online adverts. Are they going to be happy with Crytek boosting performance on their old lines of hardware, when that same boost could be applied to the new hardware to make it seem that bit faster than before? Take note especially of the fact that Crysis is seen by The Industry as being the current Game Of The Future, meaning that any hardware capable of running Crysis smoothly is, effectively, future-proof.
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