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Default Re: Crysis *NOT* optimized for Multi-Core, yet?

the game uses multicore just fine, if ur gpu is the limiting factor tho, how do u expect adding more cpu power to possibly help? doesnt even make sense. also, which anecdotal evidence are u talking about? ive NEVER seen a gpu limited game scale with more cpu power. its rly that simple.

again ill refer to those 3 games you listed, game at 1600x1200 on a g80, note your frames. add in a 2nd g80 at those settings and note ur frames. you will have virtually ZERO performance increase. until u alleviate the cpu bottleneck all the gpu power in the world wont do ****. same for crysis. when the cpu is sitting by waiting for the gpu to process shader and texture ops, wtf can it do but sit idle?

heres an analogy. lets say u want to build a desk, and god grants u 2 extra arms so u have 4 total to do it faster, but u have no legs so u need someone else to bring you the supplies. those 4 arms wont do you any good while ur sitting waiting for the supplies.
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