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Default P35/7.0 Beta Issues

I am unable to get the most recent nVidia driver to work on a new computer. After a "startx" the screen clears, and is blank, with the cursor in the upper left. It is a hard freeze, and the computer must be rebooted.

This is 32-bit FreeBSD 7.0-Beta4 and the most recent nVidia, xorg and ancillaries (cvsupped yesterday). The BSD agp was disabled in the kernel, and the proper options set in xorg.conf (NvAGP 1, nvidia driver, glx). The last log message was that the nVidia gart was loaded.

The board is a P35 (Gigabyte P35-DS3R) with 4GB memory, a Q6600 and an nVidia 8500GT. There seems to be no BIOS option to disable memory remapping.

The nv driver worked before I installed the nVidia driver (and before I took agp out of the kernel).

Any advice on how I might get this to work would be most appreciated!
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