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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Got any other addons in there that might be upsetting things?

I've Been reading over at Avsim & other FS forums that a whole host of 3rd party addons are having problems with SP2,I myself i had to kill FSdiscover because it was causing CTD but i hear a patch is in the works

im running 169.25 on vista x64 with 4GIG ram 8800gts (640mb)and sofar no problems with CTD (once FSD was out the way) & my E6400 is OC'ed to 2.98ghz (from its stock 2.13ghz)

I do wish Nv would get there fingers out and fix the z-clipping on runway textures the flashing on and off of night lights and the menu hanging issues (i had it in XP but on in vista) Aces have dropped FSX now so I hope NV can address all the above problems ASAP because i dout they'll get fixed any other way....
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