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Default Re: End it the end for some?

I have a 70 horde pally and rogue. All I do is play BGs really. I've got a warlock at nearly level 61 that I'm working on and I might use it for arena even though I hate the fishbowl aspect of those duelfests. I've got a retired 60 shaman as well.

I did have a paladin on alliance side that I used for PVE raiding. I was "fortunate" enough to be in one of the top guilds on an original server, and I got very well geared pretty quickly. I just got tired of getting healing gear to help people kill stuff faster so I could get better healing gear. Back in the days before BC the PVE gear was the PVP gear therefore I was the healing bitch in PVP as well as PVE, so I got bitter and sick of it.

I ditched that pally and gquit the guild with a letter sent via ingame mail to one of the officers. I've been on horde playing with a few friends ever since. I'm NEVER raiding again, or joining some power guild ever again. I don't want to be attuned to anything and my blood elf pally is even ret, because I'm not healing anymore lol.
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