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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Why would nobody have gear? Is that some kind arena thing or smth?

How would druid be in GvG?

What kind of toon would be better for solo PvP if not feral druid?

Yeah I might hit you up on that. Right now I have only a narrow understanding of how different build configurations work in wow. In fact I barely even know what is meant by "feral" druid. Only been playing for about 5 days now.

in group situations "ferals" are good because of their versatility. Put out decent dps when speced for it, and have heals for when they are needed.

-By no gear I mean everybody is in greens.

-For solo PvP the only things that might be better: warlock, paladin for annoyance factor.

Don't get me wrong on how I am pointing out the shortcomings of druids, because I have 3 that are 14 and over .

Feral is a druid who has most of their talents spent in the feral tree and focuses on optimizing their animal forms.
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