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Default Re: EBgames declining quality

the last time I went to an EB store was to buy Oblivion the day it came out.

The ****er behind the register was an idiot and messed something up where it wouldn't print a receipt and for some reason he couldn't let me take the game with me...

I had already waited like 30 minutes for him to finish with one customer that was ahead of me, I should of known that it was going to be bad.

While I was arguing with him I even called my bank and put them on speakerphone to show him that I had just been charged for the exact ammount of the transaction by ebgames.

Then the guy suggested that I let him charge me for the game again and that they would void the other later on

I told him hell no and that I was leaving with my game

The guy still refused until his manager came back from lunch and filled out a paper receipt for me and let me go on my way.

Never going back to any of those ****hole stores, I hope they go out of business.
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