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Default Re: EBgames declining quality

Yeah I've seen this happening, too. Both EBGames stores near my house seem to have a new policy when it comes to just-released games. In order to pick the game up on launch day, you MUST reserve the game at least 1 day before release, regardless of how many copies they actually get.

Happened to me first with Super Mario Galaxy, which I kind of understood. I figured there were just enough copies in stock to satisfy the pre-orders. Then it happened again with Crysis, which I knew wasn't going to sell out due to the system requirements (seems like PC games never sell out anyway). Show up launch day, "Nope, these copies are only for people that reserved it." Show up the next day and they will sell it freely, even though I'm pretty sure it's the same shipment.

In the past they strongly encouraged reserving the games but if you just showed up on launch day they would always give you a copy (usually saying something like "this is the last copy that wasn't reserved).

I don't really have a problem with the employees. They are just kids, after all. Can't wait for next-gen systems where I'm sure we'll be given the option to download new games straight to the XBox or playstation...
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