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Default Re: 169.07 Ubuntu 7.10 Fan at %100

Originally Posted by zander
Thanks again for reporting this problem. The cause of the regression was identified, the bug should be resolved in future graphics driver releases.
Thanks for the release I have been waiting patiently on it to improve Compiz performance however the fan noise is completely unacceptable.

Will a future driver be released soon (days) or a month (ish) ?

Its a long time if we have to wait more than a few days to have a fan this noisy running beside you all day. My machine is on 24/7 and is consuming more power, making more noise and less usable because of that noisy fan. If you say we have to wait more than a few days for an update, I can see me switching in an ATI card (fortunately I still have the one I removed and replaced with an NVidia) to save my sanity, electric bill and get some work done over christmas. Downgrading the driver is not an option having waited as long to see some improvement in Compiz. Swapping cards for an Ati or enabling the on-board Intel graphics card is a better option for me but speaking from personal experience this is getting a little long in the tooth now. The two top players in the graphics card market have IMHO the worst reputation for drivers and that appears to go for both windows and linux. I recently swapped to an Ati card having used Nvidia for a very long time but swapped back to Nvidia quite quickly because of the problematic setup using the Ati driver. Being on the Ati board , the grass looked much greener over here at NVidia, but I have got to tell you it is not and that we are paying a lot of money for our hardware and we are being taken for granted. Its about time you allowed others to write drivers for your hardware. There are millions of users and just not enough coders it seems writing quality drivers and utilities to support the products you already sold. You need to step up to the mark and increase the number of programmers working on drivers and utilities so as the code can be more fully tested before it is released to the public.
[end rant]

Have a merry Christmas.
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