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Default Re: 169.07 Ubuntu 7.10 Fan at %100

Originally Posted by Josta
You can control the fan speed on the 8800 with the latest CVS code for NVClock. (tested, using "-f -F 50" to knock it down to 50% in Ubuntu 7.10)

That said, please be careful until a real fix comes from nvidia.
Originally Posted by blueworm
There are two workarounds, the first like somebody mentioned is nvclock cvs version. The second to downgrade driver back to 169-04.

Nvidia how about implementing some proper fan control in the driver
Originally Posted by Bakou
Downgrading to 169.04 is a terrible idea, this driver is superior in every way besides the fan thing. Try running compiz fusion on .04, its a joke.

As for nvclock, a good idea but unlikely to work for the brand new 512 8800GT/GTS
And i agree, this lack of any useful settings in nvidia drivers is becoming a disturbing trend.. in windows you basically have to use rivatuner because nTune is just not acceptable, and in linux we have coolbits that can't even save its clock settings or control the fan at all..
Originally Posted by lightman
CVS nvclock works like a charm with the GT.
Originally Posted by Bakou
Oh the nvclock does work for the 8800GT512? sweet I will try to build that next time i'm on.

As for compiz, I don't know the specifics of your PC devrandom, but for me it ran MUCH smoother than .04.. though maybe not exactly as smooth as 100.14. I didn't benchmark the performance but there was no serious hiccups when maximizing windows, tabbing or anything else. I was also able to play a long game of TF2 (running in wine) with no serious performance issue, only a minor annoyance of the taskbar showing overtop of the game.

Perhaps this comes down to specific software that differs on our machines, because I'm also using the 8800 GT 512mb.

hardware: Core Duo @ 2.65ghz, 3gigs of ram, gigabyte 650i
software: kernel 2.6.22, Gentoo 64bit, Xorg-server, xorg 7.1 (i think?), compiz 0.6.2, compiz-fusion 0.6.0, gnome 2.18
Ran compiz from console with "compiz-start"
What does compile nvclock as already suggested mean ?
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