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Default Re: End it the end for some?

How useful is tracking in wow? I noticed that only hunters and druids can track other players.

In the pvp only MMO shadowbane, tracking is critical. Whether you are out random player killing, power leveling, or sieging a city, you need at least one player in your group with tracking capability. It means the difference between finding prey and being preyed upon.

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Here is my Druid.
Notice the pattern of 47/14? lol
I see. I didn't notice that other ability in balance that increases your attack power. Definitely better universally than an attack debuff that won't do anything to casters.

With all things considered, I think I am going to go with this:

Between both of yours, the compromise seems to be the reduced mana cost of shapeshifting, vs the increased mana gain while casting. However I would think the prior would be more effective against casters, because you could effectively do more snare breaking without burning up all of your mana (namely by shifting.)

I also think it would be better to have two points in shredding attacks since that effectively increases your damage capability. The increased stun duration probably isn't worth it, since the most important aspect of a stun would be to e.g. break spells, and that extra second probably wouldn't help you much for e.g. healing.

One thing I think such a build could easily excel at, is e.g. two of these druids against any two casters of any kind. They both could tear one apart before he can get anything off at all, and then once he is dead the last one is just plain f*cked. Course I don't know wow all that well yet so there could be something I am missing.
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