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Default Re: EBgames declining quality

Its the stereotypes of these kids. They all look alike and have that same attitude.

Just like used CD stores these chick looks stoned and has pink spiked hair.

Yea since Babbeges was sold out, GS and EB are pro console and when you mention PC games too them, you get a funny look like your an alien or something.

I don't know why EB is so anti PC? But there attitudes suck ballas bigtime.

I deal with a manager when i buy stuff at GS and only reason i go their is because i trade in old games not much but goes toward the total on the bill.

It would be nice to deal with a enthusiest who knows all the stuff about the gaming industry when going to these places but there dumbasses who work there and live in there parents basement playing gutar hero all hours of the night.
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