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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

CoD4 = Multiplayer. Thats where its strength is at.

Crysis could be a great online side as well, its got alot more open and the guns/etc makes it alot more fun, along with the nano suit...but not everyone can afford a high end pc..and even then it does not run at great smooth speeds like CoD4 can. Given time i think maybe after the GF9, alot of people will get the game and start playing it.

I myself am enjoying CoD4 online alot, i have my copy of Crysis..sitting here, but i want to wait till next year when i do a full upgrade to enjoy this game. Crysis is defiantly alot better and a great game, but without the can be disappointing.

Single player to Single Player..Crysis does offer more with its open ended thing, looks fantastic as well.

CoD4 just simply has a amazing multiplayer to enjoy without the need of a uber sli computer to enjoy it.

I cant wait for next year..its killing me having to look at this Crysis box..and not play it..omg -.-..
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