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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

Wow, I saw the link to the video on the front page earlier but thought it was another lame ass user movie. Decided to watch it per this post and found it was quite good (yea he sounds nerdy, but wouldn't you?).

And yea its probably good he stayd away from the alien ship and the ship battles. God that was awful. Lets hope we see more blowing up alien ships from the outside instead of the inside in crysis 2...

although, crysis's alien ship scenes were some of the best, what should I call it, automated machinery art? The functions of the ship being carried out oblivious to what ever you are doing, with large conduits moving and powering up. Its not new, but they pulled it off better then most do.

the ship deck battles would be better if they didn't run at 5fps.
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