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Default Re: 169.07 Ubuntu 7.10 Fan at %100

Originally Posted by RadonPL
I guess it is all cards whose fans are software-controlled. I have a 7600GT AGP and 8800GTS G92 whose fans are always 100%.

I now know I should have gotten the Radeon HD3870, its fan is hardware controlled - increases fan speed only when the temperature is too high. Talk about Nvidia's Q&A

Well I really doubt this is true, the difference is that in once case you can also control the fan by software - and this is why some extra bit in the NVidia drivers puts the fan in 100% mode - and in the other case you can't. I prefer the NVidia way since then you can then set the fan speed as you want if you know what you are doing.

Don't forget that mistakes like this one happen 1 every 100 times and it just happened in the worst time because of holidays. So you can either wait a couple of days for the fix (or use nvclock in between or the beta driver) or you could have gotten a ATI can and wait for months for decent drivers!
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