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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

My friend got CoD4 for Christmas (he got it early of course), after his high-praise of the MP, I decided to give it a whirl. Not having been an online FPS junkie for sometime (can we say CS 1.6?). It took me a few rounds to get into my groove, but once I figured out how everything worked...phew this game rules!

I'm now addicted to CoD 4 MP, it took me 2 days (on and off playing) to get to level 37, now I wanna hit 55 (5-star ftw!). I absolutely love TDM and how well spawn points flow on a map. It's actually stolen WoW time (which is a hard thing to do these days).

Crysis was a great SP experience, MP is severely lacking, mostly due in part to the heavy graphics hit you take. It's easier to take an FPS hit in SP, but MP is all about twitch speeds that you can't do with 15FPS. I do hope they continue to expand the storyline, and I hope to see some other games license the engine.

Keep in mind the Unreal 3 engine has been out for nearly 2 years as well (can anyone say technology catching up), it's had plenty of time to mature in the wild, give CryEngine 2 some time he'll get there.
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