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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

Originally Posted by Gaco
No offense meant with this, just a word of advice: In Crysis you basically have to be creative and resourceful to create your own game experience, where CoD4 is a shooter on rails. Kinda like democracy vs. tyranny
Remember that on your "giving Crysis one more chance" playthrough

Well , COD 4 is a typical casual game . Is ideal for the first experience with the FPS . Leaving the brain to one side and shoot a few shots without complications

MOHAA : nice game . Many scripts and lineal , but no problem in the year 2002

COD : a bit disappointing. Is the same lineal and hiper scripted game of MOHAA

Call of Duty: United Offensive : Not I played this game , I played the demo . Is the same game of COD

COD2: I got bored before the end . I did not finish this game , though it was not an bad game.

COD 3 : I not played this game

and COD4 : I cannot end COD 4 with a trainer and infinite life. The same game of the all serie , and the same style of the 95 % of FPS since 1995

COD 5 and 6.? For my nephews ,of 3 and 1 years
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