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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

Originally Posted by aceflier
I'm sorry but if you are comparing that to crysis you gota be kidding me? It looks like 5 years old next to crysis No wonder COD4 runs good and Crysis runs like "crap". Duh no brainer. From a technical standpoint crysis ftw. COD4 was ok if you like that sort of game. "Rollercoaster"

Well for you . More awersome and impressive screens of this example of good coding and god engine

This is nice

Maybe this game has a some mode of avanced bloom of HDR in low precision . The lighting is aversome !!

Uber textures

Avanced pixel shaders in the weapons

Incredible draw distance and detaill

This is nice . physic in all objets of the world

High polycount scene - maybe 2 millons or 3 or polygons

This is a good example of optimization and good coding
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