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Default Re: How big a TV do I need?

I have a 1080p 42" and sit between 5' and 10' from the TV (Different spots in the living room), so I guess to a certain extent I did OK...Doesn't really matter for me though since I bought a Vizo (dirt cheap, $999 @ costco)...

I just gave my brother a 32" I won at our company holiday party, and it looks really great (I'm not sure what the "P" rating is, but it's one of those 13xx by 9xx TV's...Says it can do 720p or 1080i, but I find that suspect...) I havn't been able to view HD on it yet though, as he doesn't have HD Direct TV yet (and no antenna for OTA)...All I have seen is SD TV (Direct TV) and the Wii (via rca, not component)...

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