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Default Re: How much is my cpu bottlenecking in crysis?

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227
Crysis is very crap...quad here with SLI...and it still runs like crap.
Lol get some knowledge.. I have that cheap AMD cpu and a single gtx and i can run the game on a tweaked cfg with all veryhigh settings on in 1280x1024 without lag, 25 - 30+ mostly all the time... feels smooth and fine, fps drops in bigger firefights and when alot of physis going on. So no crysis aint crap. Just a demanding engine, try to get that. Also you should get decent framerates with SLI if you use the latest drivers. Like these ppl;

27fps on veryhigh in 1920x.. imagine running on 1600/1650 or even 1280x what smooth fps u should get. Altho they are ultras, gtx aint far behind...
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