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Originally Posted by brady
This system will be hooked up to an HDTV and I'll run everything at 1366x768. Does anyone have any experience with a similar system under DX10 very high at that resolution and if so is the game playable meaning something like an average of 20 or so fps?
On veryhigh in that resolution you would probably have around 20fps with drops down to 15... I dont like this, i want to be able to play on veryhigh at resolutions around 1280x and still have a decent FPS. So i took some time looking into tweaking and was reading alot here and there and finally i picked together a very nice cfg that raise fps by 10+ fps witch gives me the extra fps boost i need to enjoy crysis at VH in 1280x. I tried Gaco's "balanced" cfg as he wanted to call it, but in fact it only gave me 1 or 2 fps gains. I.e almost no difference and that's unacceptable, therefor i made my own. If youre interested in trying my miracle CFG out and see for yourself. Throw me a PM
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