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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

Most of the above screenshots were random PB shots taken in multiplayer.

Jonelo if you want to compare visuals with Crysis and cod4 then at least get your own single player screenshots were the graphics haven't been toned down.
I posted them to set your orangy looking crysis screens bk a few pages in screenshot 2007 thread.

Anyhow since when has graphics set the standard for how to enjoy a game....yes the visuals in Crysis are nice, but, the gameplay is complete toss and multiplayer is a pile of bs.

CoD4 on the other hand....well look at xfire, gamespy and all seeing eye stats to work it out. There are almost as many people playing cod4 than there is WoW and you condomjonelo need to realise that.
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