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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

Very true Johndio...but is CoD4 about exploring ?

I think you will find the answer is no, its about taking a powerful weapon and blowing peoples heads off albeit in a very tactical way.....if you play multiplayer.

If you wanna go exploring then i agree Crysis is the game to have, if you want to go play a FPS then cod4 is for you.

I play for and manage a very respected UK FPS clan and admin a league for COD4. I have played almost every multiplayer FPS game released from wolfenstein upto cod4. I own and admin my own game servers in mohaa, cod2, airborne, css, spearhead and cod4. It is upto me to introduce new games to the clan that are worthy of being played in online leagues such as clanbase, ccodl, cmohl, ufgl, enemy down and team warfare league.

Fact is, the lastability of a game all depends on its multiplayer side.....airborne had potential but failed due to EA releasing it without any multiplayer support, Crysis failed because its multiplayer sucks and lacks any tactical and competitive gameplay. Were these games fail is were COD4 suceeds, you see, cod4 has everything that an online clan could ask for.....real support from the developers, fantastic multiplayer, maps that have been created not just too look pretty but to include tactical positioning and even balance for spawns, weapon balance, mods, superb dedicated server support and most of all a MASSIVE community that spreads all over the world.

With that Crysis fails miserably to compete with any of the above mentioned...IT IS NOT IN ANY WAY A DECENT MULTIPLAYER GAME and that is why i dont like it.

With that said, i do like to play single player games but after i have gone through them 3 or 4 times i always go back to playing multiplayer online shooters and the single player games get shelved only for me to stick on once or twice a Far cry....Crysis has done the same.
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