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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

Originally Posted by TrixteH
Most of the above screenshots were random PB shots taken in multiplayer.

Jonelo if you want to compare visuals with Crysis and cod4 then at least get your own single player screenshots were the graphics haven't been toned down.
I posted them to set your orangy looking crysis screens bk a few pages in screenshot 2007 thread.

Anyhow since when has graphics set the standard for how to enjoy a game....yes the visuals in Crysis are nice, but, the gameplay is complete toss and multiplayer is a pile of bs.

CoD4 on the other hand....well look at xfire, gamespy and all seeing eye stats to work it out. There are almost as many people playing cod4 than there is WoW and you condomjonelo need to realise that.
Youre an idiot, ofcourse there are more cod4 players, because its easier and its not as demanding, u can play on old machines.. And it got history behind, cod1, 2 and 3... alot of hype there and alot of other stuff. Try to compare quake 3 against crysis.. How many nerds aint playing it lol? Cod4 is like cs and quake... braindead slaugher and didnt give much, more of a game for kids that doesn't expect or demand much. I played cod4 mp and it was fun a whyle, you die too easy witch sucks... games wont be fun if you die that easy. Those with higher XP are really superior to you... and the maps where small. I like to have more freedom, like in bf2. More moveablility and also interaction.I can lure on enemies without they sceaming CAMPER! It didnt impress me much to be honest. Crysis on the other hand brings something new. It gave me more.

Just listen to this idiot for a whyle, he doesn't know what hes talking about. He only talks about cod4, and prices it. He barly mention crysis, only when it came to the graphics and the the endings... He also doesn't mention anything of cod4's bad sides.. like poor AI, no interaction, linear maps and gameplay, no freedom, endless of respawning enemies until you move forward to the next point, no choises no nothing. Cod4 is more like an quing system that lines to from point A to point B. Like a slowly spinning disk with good food coming into your mouth... Poor interview, poor idiot and poor comparision. When you compare two games you must be impartial and you mustn't only speak about one of the games like he does. Common and give me a fair compare interview with a person that aint an idiot. He even thinks crysis is not much more better looking than cod4... o lol'd when i heard it. He also says crysis is so much like far cry. What about cod4 then? aint that like cod2? Just the lone sniper missions and death from above, other than that its just like cod2.. same **** different weapons, locations and timeage... In fact, crysis is more unlike far cry than cod4 is unlike cod2... Hes a real moron and doesn't know what he talks about...

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