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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

Originally Posted by TrixteH
Hehehe i can't believe im arguing with kiddies like you.

Btw i dont have an attitude and i certainly am not a fan boy there are many games i love to play and atm cod4 just happens to be top of my list.

P.S look at my sig....i aint here just to talk about games or 1 game in your case. I come here because of my love of custom PC's, games, overclocking and my ability to give advice to people with technical issues.

Yes you have a very bad attiture kid... Respect others opinions. First thing to do you bash on my nickname. And you love games, yes youre a fanboy, you protect cod4 even tho you know that crysis is a better game even tho you happens to like cod4 more because its just like cs and quake... Small, intensive, nothing to use the brain for, just aim and press the button. Nothing new, same crap over again... On top of that its bad balanced and you die too easy. And then respawn just as fast.. lol i had it with poor balanced games already.
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