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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

Yes, i think youre an idiot when you wright stuff without thinking of why things are what they are... I played through cod4, i wasn't impressed.. its like cod2. Nothing new, intense.. entertaining fast action that is over in 7 hrs or something... Why do my nickname even have anything to do with this? Its crysis related and thats it. Took it in the haste in lack of ideas. Wait until crysis ep2 and 3 is out, along with all the optimizing and graphical improvements.. then please compare it again... Also, new map pack for crysis, 5 new.. So 15 big maps is very generous and give choises and variation. Having linear and small maps combined with you-die-too-fast/easy is not a good combination. Technically crysis is alot more worked out, more details, more love and more time and effort has been put into the game compared to cod4. Models, animations, sounds, music, etc etc you name it. It its just the first part. Its like reading the first book of lord of the rings and compare it with one book. They are about the same length but the journy doesn't end there by far. Cod4 is damned short and MP doesn't do it. More balancing, more maps, bigger maps please. But in the end, its all a matter of taste. They are very different so it makes it harder to compare.


Better AI
Better graphics
Better physis
Better animations
Better sounds/new sound
Less linear
More interactive
More interaction with the world and animals
More realism
More levels
Bigger maps
More choises

Some of them.. Technically crysis is just alot more than cod4...
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