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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

A first problem with Crysis is the way they rendered the world. Basically everything is loaded even the things and pathways you will never open, or go's just unoptimised. Crysis is linear game as well. Yes, you can choose two or three different paths to the same objective, but the bottom line is...THE GAME IS LINEAR AS WELL. Just because of the size of the map and world gives you a feeling of being nonlinear which is not true.
I had so much fun playing COD4 cause the action and story is dynamic unlike in Crysis where the story and action is pretty much boring.
You walk then you shoot couple of bad guys, you push the button, then you walk again, or drive...and then again you shoot couple of guys...everything is obvious...
COD4 is a war of soldiers fighting, there are some goals...nothing really to expect from...but it's hell of a fun. Sniper level in COD4 is one of the best i have seen in the last 10 years. That level is so much fun that itself owns whole Crysis game.

Crysis story is retarded...can they get rid of UFO and Crap like that?
Nanosuite is the most retarded thing in the game...i can use invisibility and beat the whole game by being invisible and of course AI acts retarded too.

If they wanted to do what they thought they will, they should rename the game to Predator and make a story out of it where you're a Predator...nanosuite features would fit nice there...Maybe even put Aliens and actually make AVP 3 lol

The game is rushed...and the game was not ready for the current hardware. (Quad Core CPUs, SLI or Three SLI setup)...If you set everything to very high + AA + AF, it does look nice but it's not done right...

Anybody can throw the code and show some fancy nancy features...but is it coded well..? That's whole another subject...

People have no clue how many ways you can code something. Every way if it does what it's supposed is a right way but not necessary a good way...Also nice looking code doesn't mean that is a good code...

Of course everything is possible...i once created dynamic array or (list) for NATURAL language on mainframe...Even though the thing was really sophisticated and unlimited in its posibilities SQL people didn't like it because it was a bit heavy on DATABASE. Of course they told me to go with Static Array of size 10. The point is...Performance #1, Features a way to go otherwise the project fails.
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