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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227
A first problem with Crysis is the way they rendered the world. Basically everything is loaded even the things and pathways you will never open, or go's just unoptimised. Crysis is linear game as well. Yes, you can choose two or three different paths to the same objective, but the bottom line is...THE GAME IS LINEAR AS WELL.
Yes a 500 m width line .

You played the game? . Is it linear that you has to enter and go out for a point in every map? Is linear because the game has principal objectives ?

And you manages do every objectives, in a linear way ? Or of a hundred combinaciones of ways, ways and manners. You do not have an alone way to come to your objective, you have dozens of ways in some maps!!

Multiply the possible ways X by 3 or 4 ways of playing that has - FPS pro in Delta, Stealth, FPS/Stealth, Arcadian FPS in easily, as a game of Fight, using vehicles .

. Sniper level in COD4 is one of the best i have seen in the last 10 years. That level is so much fun that itself owns whole Crysis game.
The mission of the Sniper in Chernobyl? Boring for my . It is not a game, is an absurd movie in which one cannot leave of the camera line

Crysis story is retarded...can they get rid of UFO and Crap like that?
The two are retarded. Crysis in some moments at least is one parody

Nanosuite is the most retarded thing in the game...i can use invisibility and beat the whole game by being invisible and of course AI acts retarded too.If they wanted to do what they thought they will, they should rename the game to Predator and make a story out of it where you're a Predator...nanosuite features would fit nice there...Maybe even put Aliens and actually make AVP 3 lol
For my only the nanosuit overcomes to any game of last years, alone it is possible to compare to the possibilities of game of games as Deux ex-or Bioshock. If it you wants a fantastic FPS, can play COD 4 with regeneration of the life without suit, immortal friends, invisible barriers, spam of enemies and friends and lines in the soil for the plane of the camera.

The game is rushed...and the game was not ready for the current hardware. (Quad Core CPUs, SLI or Three SLI setup)...If you set everything to very high + AA + AF, it does look nice but it's not done right...

Because is for the hardware to a few months or one year, as Far Cry was for the nv40 and the G70/R520 and r580. Only with the G70/R520 and r580 you you can try to play with HDR, AA to high resolution .

Are my two videocards . The 1900 xt is of year 2006 !!! The best videocard in his time , two years later of the Far Cry launch

Incredible !!! only 200.000 poligons in game - Crysis has 2 millons in many scenes !!, without masive shadows maps , without POM, without ambiente oclussion, without the incredible post processing of Crysis . Only 60 fps in my 8800 gtx and 30 fps in my 1900 XTX at 1080p . You are right, maybe the coding and the Cryengine is pure crap
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