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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

I agree with you jonelo. These nubs dont know what they are talking about. Crysis aint that linear. Definatly not as linear as many other games out there int he same genre. And ufos? Its aliens and thats the main part of the game. Without the aliens crysis wouldn't be crysis. Crysis aint far cry try to understand that. Far cry 2 is coming, wait for it and stop whining over crysis. The nanosuit is really cool and newthinking. Why would you bash something that is new? If you dont like it well dont use it but dont whine about it lol, as simple as that. The suit only opens possibilities and helps to interact with the gameworld. Its the technology of the future. Active camoflauge will come in real life, just a matter of time believe me. Crysis is not bad optimized, the engine used in the game is the most advanced and best looking that is out there, so what do you expect? Crysis is good optimized, and is scaling very well... My brother can play it on medium-low with his 6600gt and P4 CPU... Try to get it, crytek even said that crysis could look alot better, but there's not hardware for it yet. And they also said that no system can max crysis out. And they where right. And quadcore sucks, get a e6850 and OC it to 4ghz and see the power. Also, crysis is more a GPU based game than cpu. I play it with an amd x2 and that one is not bottlenecking me. My card is. And the 8800gtx is not powerful enought its not cryteks fault. Its nvidias... Dont blame crytek when nvidias hardware aint faster. Crysis is ahead of its time just like Far Cry was. So stop bitching about this. Play the game or dont. Far Cry 2 is coming. You had your fun in cod4, nothing more will come. cod5 will be straight back to ww2 and it will probably sucks even more. While we others who like crysis will be getting 2 more games, witch will have better performance and better graphics. Im not complaining. Thing is, crysis vs cod4... technically crysis is better. Then its up to what taste ppl have. Some ppl like cs better than any game. Some like world of war craft, i dont... I like eve: online, some hate it. U cant really say that hamburgers are gooder than pizza... they are different and taste both good.

I think i made my point...

thanks for reading
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