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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

Originally Posted by TrixteH
Fact is, the lastability of a game all depends on its multiplayer side.....airborne had potential but failed due to EA releasing it without any multiplayer support, Crysis failed because its multiplayer sucks and lacks any tactical and competitive gameplay. Were these games fail is were COD4 suceeds, you see, cod4 has everything that an online clan could ask for.....real support from the developers, fantastic multiplayer, maps that have been created not just too look pretty but to include tactical positioning and even balance for spawns, weapon balance, mods, superb dedicated server support and most of all a MASSIVE community that spreads all over the world.
Personally i prefer GRAW2. It's a more tactical game, even though its community is really small. Still you can find two-three full servers to join and that's what counts for me as i'm really addicted to it
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