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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Lith1um
Captain Sim C-130 X-perience. Awesome aircraft. Even the windshield wipers work.
Looks Nice how is it on the frame rate? Nice touch on the windsheild wipers its just a shame Aces could'nt be bothered to give us any type of VC windsheild preticipation effects......

Just saw a SeaHawk/JayHawk review over at AVSIM you might want to checkout

Santa brought me a download link for the DA Piper Cheyenne X (seems my dad was checking out my internet history when he was round xmas eve ...shame he didnt stop by instead )

Its quite nice but the frame hit it pretty high (-10fps when compaired to the default aircraft)& its an SP2 only plane

Heres a few quick shots

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