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Default Re: My HTPC Project (Worklog)

Keep the updates coming, I just stumbled upon this thread. I ordered a Hauppuage WinTV-HVR-1800 MC-Kit, its a dagital/analog HDTV tuner, in digital ATSC/QAM, in analog NTSC, it also recieves fm. It supposed to be a much refined better/quality version of the 1600. I ordered it from newegg and should be recieving it on friday, so i will be updating you on the quality of it. I plan to have more simple uses for it then you do, stick it my rig watch and record my analog chnnels that i recieve from comcast(less than 100 channels), but eventually picking up an antenna and getting some ota loving. Just remember its pci-express, so keep that in mind. It also comes with the official mce remote(black updated version), and is vista certified, not only by Hauppauge, but also by my cousun Jethro(his parents obviously hated with the name they gave him).
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