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Default Re: How big a TV do I need?

Originally Posted by BrianG
In teh living room, we had a 42" 480p plasma and recently went to a 1080p 46" 120Hz LCD. The greatest benefit is a reduction in aliasing of downsampled 1080i and 720p source material on the 480p panel. Think railings in the stadium or striped shirts. Our viewing sitance varies from 8-12'. 1080i source material looks much better, 720p, similar, but cleaners and 480i is double washed (upconvert to 1080i by cable box and deinterlaced by the TV). We are right at the sweet spot.

So what you're saying is that 480p is better than a 1080i, and 1080i is better than 1080p, therefore 480p is better than 1080p??

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