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Originally posted by vampireuk
The new one looks a lot more professional imo

Perhaps there would be some way we could set the roundup to display update content differently say in itallics for a certain length of time?
Thanks! Yeah, I'd like a better/more obvious way of conveying what is updated...but updated relative to what/whom? Ah, that's the question I'm not sure of an answer to. Unless we go so far as to automate some indicator of "updated" based on visitors' cookies I don't really see a solution yet. We could timestamp updates we make but that would add clutter (and time on our part). I do like your idea of just going with a certain length of time and we could have a small "?" icon or something at the bottom of each roundup where newbs could click on to get the scoop of how roundups are updated and such.

Good thoughts all around. Isn't it ironic that all of this started from someone actually disliking the initial roundup style? Heck, I initially wasn't crazy about it but I suppose nerd-peer pressure is not to be underestimated.

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