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"Its all good!"
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Unhappy Looks Good:) but...

Enjoy your new card Mike! I am looking at the 9800 Pro too, maybe next month. ATI image quality has been very good, just upgraded recently to a 3.06 P4 HT, so its all good, now for the graphic upgrade

I have been running nVidia cards since the GF1, but they have slipped back a bit. The new FX5900 is nice but overpriced and a 2 slot solution. The last time I ran ATI was back in the ISA days, but it looks like its time to change again.

Its looking better all the time, its interesting to see how competition can change the marketplace in a single product cycle...

UPDATE Barrowed a friends new ATI 9800 non-pro clocked at 325 MHz core and 290 MHz memory, nice card but the driver install and programs did not fare well. All games crashed, even after uninstalling all previous drivers and starting and going into safe mode. The drivers when upgraded from safe mod provided a DirectX9 not installed message and could not find driver inf file error. It really blew chunks to put it mildly, after returning the card to my friend, the 4400 and Det 44.03 reinstalled just fine without any problems as before.

MSI 655 HT w/ 1GB memory (PC 2700)

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