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Default Redhat 9.0 driver installation order

Hello All,

I'm having difficulties with getting Redhat 9.0 activating hme0 which is the integrated NIC in a Shuttle SN41G2. I know there are some issues with Redhat and the integrated NIC's in the Nforce2 MOBO's but I'm wondering if I got the installation order wrong. I'm building this new system to learn Linux so please bear with me There are 2 drivers for Redhat 9.0 currently available for 1.0-0261:


The second one is noted as a kernel upgrade. Does this mean that this particular build will update the kernel as well while the first one does not? Or is it the kernel update which I would need to install prior to installing the first one? I have not updated the base install of the Redhat.

Thanks in advance!
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