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Default Re: Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer

I just finished the expansion, and I must say it is truly a masterpiece.

As for this...
Anybody have a cheat or something for the spirit devourer curse I keep losing health and dying.

There are many places you can get spirit back easily..... I personally used the supress ability, keeping my hunger bar at nothing and my spirit was always in the 75-100 range; your spirit drains very slowly when your hunger is zero... Keep in mind that the more spirits that are arround when you cast suppress, the bigger the spirit bonus is.


In Ashenwood: Summon a the highest level creature you can and use the Kaelyns Summon Creature IX... Roam around till you find a pack of telthor spirits, then cast suppress.

In Shadow Mulsantir: Find some hostiles (wraiths, shadowalkers, creamated souls) with your own creature summoned and Kaelyns Summon Creature IX, cast supress before engaging the enemies.

In Thay: Outside the building up the hill there are some fire elementals which are not hostile, summon a creature, and cast Kaelyns Summon Creature IX, then cast supress. Rest and do it again till your spirit energy will eventually max out while your hunger decreases.

In Immail Vale: If you haven't slain the bheul, you can use your suppress ability in the room she is in surrounded by the Orglashes.

The Skein: Do the same as usual, you will encounter many elementals here, and if you have your creature and Kaelyns creature summoned, cast suppress if you can lure more than one near you, then cast suppress.

And of course, if you are desperate and are low on spirit energy and unable to suppress or devour, you can cast Satiate at the cost of XP.

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