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Default Re: only 1 HDMI slot

Originally Posted by cheiface777
I just got a new HDTV Cable box and a new upconvertible DVD. Both have HDMI - my Tv Mitsubishi 52525 only has 1 hdmi slot. So I assume I use it for the DVD and cables for the HDTV box. Is this right or can I daisy chain them? if so how?

Also with the DVD - HDMI is supposed to carry both audio & Video - so how do i hook the audio to my home theater? (Yamaha HTR 5750) - the pionoeer dvd does not have an optical connection - it has a digital. The Yamaha only digital connection if for the CD - so I guess I can hook the dvd in there?

Please help thanks.
Optical is digital.

Here is the back of his unit people:

That would suck if the Yamaha won't let you map the digital coax to whatever input you want. Your TV also has a digital out, but it too is coax instead of optical:

It looks like your receiver has its digital inputs hard mapped, sucks.
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