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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Got of a bit of a problem i need help with (ive also posted this over at AVsim but no bites there yet)

Basically im try to track down if this is a local problem or yet another Aces DX10 preview FU

The problem i have is a void or forcefeild like area around my view point when its raining under DX10

Heres a few compare shots of what im seeing DX10 vs DX9 (as you will see DX9 doesnt show this problem)

DX10 void

DX9 no void

if anyone else here is running DX10 preview can you do a quick test during rain to see if you also have this problem aswell

(btw im running 169.25 vistax64 but had the same results with .21 & .28)

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