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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Sabadin
Get the same thing on a 2900XT with Catalyst 7.12s.
Thanks for checking it out and the reply Sabadin

It Seems then that this is yet another Aces DX10 blunder.....why they have to try and fix something that wasnt broken in the first place is beyond me???

so what now?? its seems were left with a DX10 effect that looks x10 worse than it did in DX9,making flight during any kind of bad weather (the snow effect is even more horrendous) seem as though where in a spacesim passing though a warp gate or entering hyperspace....

PT has avoided my thread over at avsim (like he does a lot of threads that ask difficult questions)maybe i should add a few short movies so ppl can see just how bad this really is

You'ed think that with all the issues raised since SP2 went live that Aces would be prepping another patch or hotfix for us but instead they've just abandoned FSX in its still broken state

well i think i'll be abandoning Aces when FS11 hits

I just hope someone can hack a better shader in there somehow or if one of the 3rd party dev's will fix it in one of there weather addons.....
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