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It was me that had them fail. I had a 100 GB Special edition fail in 3 months, then did a RMA, witch was a horrible experiance btw, took them over a month to send me a new (reconditioned drive). When I got the drive it failed in 2 weeks.

Before that I had 2 IBM drives fail on me. Im now using a Maxtor DX740 drive. Im just not lucky with hard drives. Western Digital's RMA process was less then great. However they do indeed have the fastest IDE hard drive avilible right now. And I could have just been really unlucky.

I don't know if I'd personally buy WD or IBM again if there was a good alternative.

That said, others do seem to being doing well with them, and I beleive the 80GB is on sale at for 106$ with free shipping.

About the hard drive getting positive reviews, so did the IBM DeathStars, reviews can only test performance not reliability.


P.S The special on newegg is a weekly special and will end soon. If you want the drive buy it now.
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