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Default MySQL Export to XLS using Classic ASP

I wrote an export function to create a CSV file but it would be nice to be able to create a Real XLS file too. I've looked around a lot but haven't found any good example code to do it. I'm using Classic ASP so if you know where I can get something to help me I'd appreciate the information.

I'm running MySQL on a Windows 2000 Server at work using Classic ASP to write the webpages with. I'd use something better if I knew how

I installed PHP on my home system running XP Pro and IIS and could install PHP at work too if necessary to get the XLS working. I did find some PHP sample code to create a real XLS file but it's very bare bones and you can't do any formatting. But it does seem to create a real XLS file since Excel will open it without complaining and it's in a binary format. I could use that or port it over to ASP but since it's so bare bones a CSV file seems as good.

I guess I could ask another question too. At work on the Windows 2000 Server I have a SATA RAID using an Adaptec 1200A and anytime I try to put the MySQL data directory on the RAID Array it takes down the RAID after about 45 minutes of just sitting there looking like it's looked up. So I have the MySQL data directory on the OS drive, not a good solution. If anyone has any information about that problem I'd love to hear that too.

Thanks for any help.
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