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Originally posted by Quinn1981
I like the round ups, but only mixed in with more important articles with a little commentary in there. That's why I come to nV News for news. I like to read the news posts.
I couldn't agree more. Like Vamp suggests, I want to see us making the traditional news posts for spicy NVIDIA news/reviews, really cool news and anything else that merits commentary.

The roundups really help to make us (as news posters) more efficient. Now I don't feel obligated to regurgitate some trite, overused intro comment before every news item I come across. To be honest, that alone has kept me from bothering to make a post or not. Good or bad, the fact is I usually don't have a heck of lot of time to post each day so the last thing I want to do is to *introduce* the news post. It's more an issue of my wanting to come up with something worth reading for the user, or something funny, interesting, etc...and 9 times out of 10 I just don't have it.

I'm more and more confident that the combination of traditional and roundup styles will be a nice improvement for the site.
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