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Originally posted by vampireuk
Yeah I'll leave the initial roundup to one of you guys, I scratched my head for a few minutes
Oh great, a defector! Would Mr. Fibble approve of such behavior? What's really funny is that MUYA starts this whole thing...someone pipes up that it blows...then everybody and their brother storm in crying foul and that the roundup is cooler than the other side of the pillow...then, I butt in and start over-engineering the whole dang in the end, we're all going to bail and leave MUYA with a more complicated way of doing what he originated in the first place!

Seriously though, MUYA's no slag and he's already created his own template so no worries there. I will try to add to the roundups (as I'm sure MUYA will start 99% of's rotation and all dontchyaknow) as best I can.
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